Week beginning: 9th November, 2014

By Ian Miller | Amersham

"Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No-one is good - except God alone".

Mark 10:18 (NIV 1984)

I wonder whether you have ever found yourself being asked the question by someone who is not a Christian, 'what happens to a person who has done a lot more good things in their life than someone who believes in Jesus?'.

The answer lies in the incorrect assumption made by the questioner that there is some independent standard of goodness separate from God.

This passage from Mark comes immediately after a rich young ruler has just called Jesus 'Good teacher'. Jesus begs the question: if he is good as the ruler says, then he is God. The reality is that the rich young ruler doesn't see the point: he wanted to get to heaven by the impossible route of being good himself. The only way to heaven is to trust in the one who is good.

If we want what is good in every situation we face as Christian lawyers, then we must look to God and His word for the answer. There is no separate and free-standing 'goodness' from God.

Prayer Points:

1) Take time to bring your week before God and ask him to bring his goodness to bear in each situation you face this week.
2) Pray for the emerging LCF student groups throughout the country and pray for those who are beginning to lead those groups.