The Lion Will Roar

Week beginning: 18th February, 2018 | By Elsa Glauert | London

"The Lord roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem"

Amos 1:2a (NIV)

This weekend was the LCF Young Lawyer & Student conference and a chance for joyful fellowship and reflection on the book of Amos. Amos is shot through with the theme of God's anger and frustration at his people for the injustices they are perpetrating. Justice and righteousness should flow from genuine relationship with God, Amos says, but the Israelites' actions have revealed their contempt for both God and other people.

Israel had fallen into the trap of seeing God as weak: or, (depending on which you meant it to be) indifferent to injustice and powerless to act. But in the very first verses Amos demonstrates the foolishness of this view – the voice of God will be as fierce and powerful as a lion's roar; as vast and deafening as a clap of thunder. God cannot be contained, controlled or overlooked.

Whether we are encountering the real injustice and oppression so often seen in this world for the first time at the start of legal careers, or have many years experience of it behind us, it is easy to feel like God is either too powerless to intervene or too distant to care. Let Amos remind us this week that the Lord we serve is deeply, deeply concerned with the lives of the people he created, and more awesome than we can comprehend to act.

Prayer Points:

1.  Thank God that he is a powerful and compassionate God, who cares deeply about injustice and the ways people of this world treat each other, and is able to bring about his will.

2.  Pray that as we work in the legal world God would give us a genuine heart for righteousness and justice.