Integrated workers

Week beginning: 2nd June, 2019 | By Dominic Hughes | London

16 She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard...
19 In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers...
20 She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy...
24 She makes linen garments and sells them...
28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:
30... a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
31 Honour her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Extracted from Proverbs 31 (NIV)

At a recent LCF event on justice in commercial law, we looked at the woman described in Proverbs 31.

A striking thing about her is that her approach to business is so integrated with her Christian faith.

She performs a vast array of different commercial activities – including buying property, manufacturing, selling and more.

And, in an uncommon way in the world of secular commercial law, her skills in commerce are held together with a love for the poor and needy (see, e.g., the parallelism in vv. 19–20) and they are also held together with a proper respect for family life (see, e.g., v. 28).

But most of all – her work is integrated with her view of the LORD (v. 30). Indeed, it is only by keeping our eyes on Him that we can lead an integrated life.

Many of us fail to live properly integrated lives like this. And, in Jesus, there is forgiveness for our failures (Luke 18:9–14). And the more we behold Jesus – the One who gives us such great forgiveness – the more it will make us able to live lives at work that are integrated with our faith in Him.

Prayer points:

1. Father, forgive us for when we have done our jobs in a way that is disconnected from our faith in You.
2. Father, help us to lead lives at work that are integrated with our faith in You.