Go in the strength you have

Week beginning: 30th June, 2019 | By Fiona Mahendran | London

The LORD turned to him and said, "Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian´s hand. Am I not sending you?" Judges 6:14 (NIV)

What is your biggest fear? Failing an exam; not getting the NQ role of choice; delivering unjust news to a client; telling your colleague the urgent truth that they need Jesus? Or perhaps, it's your own inadequacy. Despite firmly believing in God's promises, and His ability to help you in life's challenges, is it the nagging sense of failure to summon up enough faith to grasp His assistance that you dread?

Gideon feared his own inadequacy: born to an undistinguished family, and weak in the face of enemy oppression, who was he to save Israel (v.15)? As the Midianites swept down at harvest-time to steal crops and livestock, leaving severe famine in their wake, Gideon stayed away thrashing wheat (v.11). Yet to the Lord he was a 'mighty warrior'!

The command to 'Go in the strength you have and save Israel' most likely horrified Gideon because he knew he had no strength at all; but what did the Lord remind him? It was the Lord's strength he had (vv.12, 16), so he must use it!

Gideon proved his faithfulness to God, and his obedience required him to stand against his father and tribe. Although Gideon feared his own people and needed assurance of God's calling, it is evident he feared God much more.

This week, will we fear God and trust in His strength more?

Prayer points:

1. Give thanks that the Lord is with us too!
2. Ask for His help to stop you concentrating on fears, failures and lack of faith, but instead to focus on His faithfulness, and to trust more in His working in and through you for His glory.