Week beginning: 31st August, 2014

By Michael Hawthorne | Kent

"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth."

John 16:13a (NIV UK)

Truth is something all lawyers search for. It is not always easy to discover. Lies we meet with all the time. Satan is the father of lies according to our Lord Jesus and human beings find it far easier to lie than to tell the truth. We do not teach children to lie – they do it naturally!

When we commit ourselves to our Lord Jesus Christ we are committed to walk in the light and to search for the truth. In this task we are not alone, Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will be our guide and that we will be led to the truth.

Today in all your professional dealings ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth, and as you do so consider the word of God, which Jesus refers to later as being "truth" (John 17v17). In your walk of faith ask the Holy Spirit to show any areas in your life where you are avoiding the truth. The truth may hurt but we must always seek it if we are to be true to Him who is the Truth.

May you know the Holy Spirit's leading as you seek truth today.

Prayer Points:

Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in all truth this week as you seek to serve Him in all you do.

Pray for wisdom that you may know how to deal with the difficult challenges you face this week and give thanks for God's word that guides and lights your path.