Love for Lawyers

Week beginning: 22nd January, 2017 | By Jon Hyde | London

'But the greatest of these is love.'

1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

This great chapter of the Bible is probably best known as a classic wedding reading, but bear with me as it also has something important for lawyers. You may wish to read the whole chapter (which won't take long!) before continuing.

In the first three verses, Paul mentions four wonderful and very valuable things – speaking in tongues, prophesying, having great faith and being extremely generous. All of these things are good and to be desired. However, Paul notes that if they are exercised without love then the result is "nothing" (vv. 2, 3).

In the next four verses, Paul goes on to describe the love that he means, which God shows to us and which we should show in turn. This love was so amazing, and so different from the love that people show each other, that Paul used a new word for it – agape. This is love so radical that it needs a brand new name.

There are many things that we may strive for as lawyers, such as clear analysis, thorough advice, persuasive advocacy, excellent drafting. But like the examples Paul uses, if we do so without love then they are "nothing". They have eternal value when agape drives them all.

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for the great love that He shows each one of us every day.

2. Pray that all that we do as lawyers this week is grounded in, and filled by, that same love.