Week beginning: 3rd August, 2014

By Thomas Cordrey | London

"Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits"

Psalm 103:2 (NIV)

Many of us will have summer holidays on the mind at the moment. Perhaps you're reading this on your iPad or Blackberry, already on a vacation. If that is the case, think of these words from the Psalmist and remember to give God the glory for the pleasure that comes from relaxation and a break from work – after all, holidays were God's idea (see Genesis 2:3).

If you are still stuck in the office the words of the Psalmist may be harder to apply. But try to take a few moments of quiet, perhaps making the most of others' absence from the workplace, to breathe in the Holy Spirit and see if you are not soon reminded of God's immense goodness: his benefits.

Praising God can be a great prelude to being refreshed and envisioned. Holidays, or even the quieter atmosphere of a summer office, are a perfect time to let God inspire you about your job in the law. What does God want you to carry on doing as you are? And where does he want to give you renewed direction and enthusiasm?

Prayer points:

1) List some of the blessings, whether spiritual or material, that you have received and give praise to your Father in heaven.

2) Ask God to speak to you about your job – let him prompt you onto the path he wants for you.