Week beginning: 15th March, 2015

By Jon Hyde | London

'But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!'

(Amos 5:24, NIV)

Monday morning may not infrequently be a time when we ask ourselves what the point is of our work as Christian lawyers. Maybe it's the shock of being back in the office after the weekend - or fatigue from being in the office over the weekend. We may have the same reaction at other times too, be it a difficult opponent or client, or a terrible outcome to a case in which we've invested so much.

Amos reminds us this morning of God's deep desire for justice in this world, and in our cases, however incompletely and imperfectly it can be achieved. We can serve God through our work as Christian lawyers so that more justice might roll on in our cases and in the lives of the people affected by them.

Our workplaces and colleagues might encourage us, subtly or otherwise, to do our work for recognition, career advancement or a pay rise. Whilst those things certainly can be good, if they become our ultimate goal then we will often be disappointed and disillusioned. God offers us a higher and deeper calling to our work, caught up in His heart for justice. So let's commit afresh this week to join with God in His work for justice through our work, asking for His grace and strength to sustain us – and His heart to give us purpose.

Prayer Points

1. Let's pray that in our work this week we are strengthened by God's spirit to work for His justice, and grace.

2. Please pray for the evangelistic event tonight, that many colleagues would come and respond to the gospel message.