God's Kindness

Week beginning: 19th August, 2018 | By David McIlroy | London

And you shall not only show me the kindness of the LORD while I still live, that I may not die; but you shall not cut off your kindness from my house forever, no, not when the LORD has cut off every one of the enemies of David from the face of the earth.

1 Samuel 20:14-15 (NKJV)

One of the characteristics of God is His kindness. Find time to do a word search for "kindness" in the Bible and you will be amazed by the depth and the breadth of God's kindness. God not only demonstrates His kindness to us, God wants us to show kindness to others. Kindness is part of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). We see this link between the kindness that God shows to us and the kindness that God expects us to show to others in Jonathan's interaction with David in 1 Samuel 20. Jonathan knows that both David and he have been shown "the kindness of the Lord". He asks David to promise that, despite the conflict between Jonathan's father, Saul, and David, David will show kindness to Jonathan's family forever. David remembered that promise and, years later once he had become king, showed kindness to Jonathan's disabled son, Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9).

Legal practice or any other demanding work can be extremely stressful at times. You can probably recall moments when the kindness of others made it more bearable. Rejoice in the kindness which God has shown you and look for opportunities to show kindness to others.

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for His kindness towards us in Christ and ask Him for forgiveness for those times when you have not treated others with kindness.

2. Thank God for those who have shown you kindness in your working life and pray for opportunities to show kindness to others.