A Walk with God

Week beginning: 6th October, 2019 | By Robin Younghusband | London

Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

Genesis 5:24 (NIV UK)

Many of our Old Testament heroes have been said to be two-way mirrors: showing God's people themselves (as an example to follow – or avoid) and showing them their Saviour (as foreshadows). Often that mirror is broken and flawed, like Samson or David. In Enoch's case, it is incomplete, like a spy hole, showing us one tiny detail: Enoch walked faithfully with God and then he was no more.

To the follower of God reading this short passage, Enoch shows that there is hope. He comes in the midst of a chorus of "then he died" following the fall. For those who walk with God, however, we see that death does not win. For those of us lawyers surrounded by death, violence and exploitation – whether individual or systemic – we know that God provides ultimate rescue.

In reality, Enoch was himself not sinless. Yet, in this peephole, we are shown no sin. A young Jesus, reading this in the synagogue, would have been able to expect, by rights, to have been painlessly removed from this world for his perfectly faithful walk. Nevertheless, he took on the punishment we earned for our faithless walk and freely gave himself over to death. In a performance driven culture, we know that the performance has been completed for us and so are freed from fear: Jesus has no billing targets.

Prayer Points:

1.  For colleagues to see the rescue that Jesus freely offers and for our courage to proclaim it; and

2. For Christian lawyers to rejoice in our Saviour's faithful walk that frees us from death.