Week beginning: 27th April, 2014

By Alan Taylor | Grasmere

"And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors."

Matthew 6 v 12 (ESV)

I do not think I am alone in finding aspects of forgiveness very difficult. Lawyers are more used to talking about justice; making sure their clients obtain their just deserts. But we are told by Micah (6 v 8) (the LCF key verse) that we should not only act justly but love mercy.

I find it very difficult to forgive mentally those who I feel have treated me unjustly throughout my career and I expect others will feel the same about me. But the Christian imperative is to try very hard to overcome one's feeling of hurt no matter how long it takes.

The only way to do it, I believe, is to concentrate on the forgiveness brought about by God's plan of salvation through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ in our place and for our sake. Since He has forgiven us we ought to adopt an attitude of forgiveness towards others.

The more we think about Jesus' act of forgiveness on the cross the more likely we are to be forgiving ourselves. This week let us all ask our loving heavenly Father to help us to cultivate an attitude of forgiveness more and more in our everyday lives.

Prayer points:

1) Reflect on the cross and the forgiveness given to you through Jesus Christ and pray for the Holy Spirit's help in your attitude to forgiveness.

2) Pray for your fellow members as they seek to serve Christ in their workplace this week.