Wilderness Years.

Week beginning: 3rd December, 2017 | By Debbie Woods | Manchester

"David was thirty years old when he became King, and he reigned for forty years."

2 Samuel 5:4 (NIV 2011)

This may seem like an unremarkable statement of fact. David, God's mighty King, a man after God's own heart, from whose descendants God brought the Saviour Jesus Christ was thirty years old when he became King and he reigned for forty years.

However, back in 1 Sam 16 we see David, Jesse's youngest teenage son, anointed God's chosen King.

So, what happened over those intervening 15 years?

We see David in the wilderness on the run from Saul, living on the margins, with no home, facing prejudice and betrayal, in constant fear for his life.

In that time God provides for his needs, repeatedly intervenes to save his life, sends true friends and wise counsel to keep him from many temptations to sin. Quite a training programme for Kingship!

Perhaps you feel you are in the wilderness at work, university, home or church. Remember, you are not alone. David's greater son Jesus Christ is on the throne. God is establishing His kingdom through Jesus, our suffering servant. He will lead home to glory all who trust in Him.

Prayer Points:

1.  Thank God that He understands our trials and temptations and that He gives us encouragement through His Word, strength through His Spirit and salvation through His Son.

2.  Pray that He will use our wilderness times to refine us and to teach us to trust Him in our work, our studies and our relationships.