Seeking rest?

Week beginning: 27th October, 2019 | By James Brightwell | London

I love the LORD, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.

Psalm 116:1 (NIV)

It can seem at times that a lawyer's life is a mixture of famine and feast, and we often worry where the work will come from. Yet when there is too much of it and when it comes with responsibility, it can feel as though there can be too much to cope with. Pressures from life outside work sometimes only add to this. We can fear being overwhelmed, either because we believe we can rely only on ourselves to cope or because we focus too much on our ambitions rather than on God's will.

God does not promise us that we will never feel overwhelmed. What He does promise is that we can always turn to Him and that in doing so our soul may find rest. This is what the Psalmist found after his tribulations. And Jesus makes the same promise to us (Matt 11:29).

In accepting this promise and turning to our Saviour (in good times as well as bad), we will begin to recognise when we have been protected from stumbling (Ps 116:8) and, like the Psalmist, our hearts will turn in praise and thanksgiving (Ps 116:17–19). And we will see that the support we get from our colleagues, family and friends is itself in God's providence.

Prayer Points:

1. Pray that we and our Christian colleagues will turn to Jesus with whatever we find difficult to deal with this week.
2. Ask God for opportunities to speak to colleagues about Jesus who is gently and lowly in heart, and in whom they can find rest for their souls.