Week beginning: 15th September, 2013

By Claire Wilkinson | Lusaka, Zambia

"In the four hundred and eightieth year after the Israelites came out of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign ...he began to build the temple of the LORD."

I Kings 6:1 (NIV)

All of us involved in the often stressful world of the law constantly work to deadlines. Control of time is critical - lodging assignments or arguments; filing appeals; billing; detention of suspects: our professional lives revolve around the control of time. We manage it every day.

It took 480 years after God rescued the Israelites before Solomon started to build the temple. 480 years - wow. The timing was then perfect and right - not before. God's temple, God's timing.

So what about my life? My plans and hopes for my career; my prayers for the salvation of loved ones; my dreams of the future? Do I trust God for these - more accurately, do I trust His timing for these? Of course, I am called to do my part. But frequently I am also called to wait on the Lord's perfect timing – and, honestly, it doesn't come naturally.

In managing our professional lives, whilst also juggling busy personal lives, it is hard to surrender ultimate control of timing to God. Yet a key part of our journey to mature faith is genuinely to trust Him not only with what we need, but when we need it. Let's remember this week that we have a good God, who is faithful, and He makes everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV).

Prayer points:

1. Pray that you will have faith to understand the Lords timing in all areas of your life.

2. Pray for the those students who are preparing to start their new terms and that they will become involved quickly in their local church, CU and LCF group.