Week beginning: 1st December, 2013

By Caroline Eade | Cambridge

"But you did not honour the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways"

Daniel 5:23 (NIV 2011)

In our professional lives, it can often feel as if we are at the beck and call of others - of clients, who demand we turn a document around "by the morning", or of employers and colleagues, who demand we meet their expectations of financial or professional performance. Sometimes it seems as if our lives are in their hands.

Or more dangerously, it may feel as if our lives are in our own hands. We let ourselves believe that we have achieved a certain level of professional recognition or status, due to our hard work and good decision-making.

Let Daniel's words to Belshazzar be a warning and an encouragement to us. Daniel knew that we are all in God's hands - whether we appear fabulously successful, like Belshazzar, or whether we face difficulties and uncertainty, as Daniel himself had done. The question is whether we will acknowledge it. Will we repent of our self-sufficiency and glorify God, like Belshazzar's ancestor Nebuchadnezzar? Or will we, like Belshazzar, fail to learn the lessons of the past and set ourselves up against God? Let us humble ourselves, ask God for mercy, and give him praise for his sovereignty over our lives, knowing that those who honour him he will honour.

Prayer Points:

1) Give thanks to God for His love, mercy and faithfulness knowing He is sovereign over every aspect of our lives.

2) Pray for wisdom for the Trustees of the LCF who meet today, giving thanks for their service to the Lord.