Week beginning: 25th May, 2014

By Timothy Laurence | Cambridge

"We are your own flesh and blood. In the past, while Saul was king over us, you were the one who led Israel on their military campaigns. And the LORD said to you, 'You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will become their ruler.' " When all the elders of Israel had come to King David at Hebron, the king made a covenant with them at Hebron before the LORD, and they anointed David king over Israel.

But his citizens hated him and sent a delegation after him, saying, 'We do not want this man to reign over us.' 

2 Samuel 5:2-3* and (Luke 19:14)*

The choice of a political leader is the biggest decision of history. The European elections may not have a reputation for significance, but God has chosen Jesus of Nazareth, descendant of David, to inherit the Davidic throne of Israel - a dynasty affirmed by the choice of the people.

The effect of these choices on our workplaces today is monumental. Through the resurrection and exaltation of Christ, God has extended the borders of that kingdom to encompass the whole earth - including every office-space in the United Kingdom and the European Union. Everyone in Europe has thus become a citizen under his authority: the best shepherd-ruler the world could ever know - who gave his life for his people, to share his reign on earth with them forever.

Let's live in professional submission to Christ in all our decisions and practices in the office. Do our lives show and tell our colleagues why it is great to choose Christ? Let's urge them to escape judgement in court when he shortly returns: "...those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.' " (Luke 19:27)*

*all quotes NIV

Prayer points:

1) Pray for opportunities to this week to show and tell our colleagues about Christ and how great He is.

2) Pray for those who are living and working in countries where the opportunities to tell about Jesus will come at a great personal cost.