Week beginning: 29th June, 2014

By John Head | Brighton

"Others may follow their gods, but we will always follow the Lord our God."

Micah 4:5 (C.E.V.)

It's Monday morning and you may be reading this as you sit in your office or wait at Court for your case to come on.

Yesterday you were probably joining with fellow Christians in worshipping the Lord your God. Who will you be following today?

One of the biggest complaints that God had against his people Israel was that they worshipped other gods. Is today any different?

Most of us have other "gods" to whom we may be tempted to give preference over the Lord our God.

May our prayer this week be that the Lord our God helps us to resist that temptation so that we can truly honour Him in our workplaces or wherever else we may be this week.

Prayer points:

1) Pray that you will be led first and foremost to honour the LORD in all that you do this week.

2) Give thanks for the Summer Justice Mission team currently in Rwanda. Pray for health, safety and a openness to hearing from Jesus as they minister alongside our partners there.