Week beginning: 28th June, 2015

By Michael Hawthorne | Kent

"…and he [Jesus] touched the man's ear and healed him."

Luke 22:51 (NIVUK)

With the best of intentions we so often get it wrong! Peter used a sword in what he believed was the defence of his Master. He only succeeded in slicing off the right ear of the High Priest's servant which perhaps suggests a lack of expertise or familiarity with the weapon. Jesus however is quick to put it right, touching the man's ear and healing him.

We too are bound to get things wrong from time to time. If it happens be ready to take it to the Lord who will not only forgive but will be able to retrieve the situation. We must not be too ready to rush in with our own solution as Peter did. Pause to consider what does Jesus want me to say and do?

In the busy week ahead we are likely to be required to take many decisions, often with little opportunity to always give the fullest consideration to the point in question. At the beginning of each day ask that the Lord Jesus will keep you in His will and guide your decisions. He knows what you will be facing even if you do not. May we all be conscious of His guiding presence this and every week.

Prayer points:

1. Pause now and ask God to guide you in the decisions you face this week.
2. For the staff and trustees as they meet together this coming week, that they may discern from the Lord His will for the future direction of LCF.