Week beginning: 16th August, 2015

By John Head | Brighton

"You are in for trouble if you go to Egypt for help, or if you depend on an army of chariots or a powerful cavalry. Instead you should depend on and trust the holy LORD God of Israel."

Isaiah 31:1 (C.E.V.)

Whose power do you trust?

It's the start of another working week. Yesterday was great – worshipping God in the company of Christian friends – great hymns/songs, an uplifting sermon, a chance to meet with other Christians - but now it's Monday! How will we cope with the stresses and strains that work can bring, often in a lonely place?

Isaiah reminds us that when the going is tough we must eschew looking to earthly things to sustain us – relying on others who appear to have the things we lack.

Rather a prayer to the Holy one of Israel – a cry to the Lord - is a better way of getting the help and strength we need to take us through the day.

We need to put our trust in the Lord who knows us and will never forsake us.

Prayer Points:

1. Ask that rather than relying on your own strength – you will be aware of the leading of the Lord throughout this week.
2. Recollect the message you heard at church yesterday and give thanks to God for the one who gave it and ask how you might apply it to your work or study this week.