Which table to automatically look for at the professional dinner?

Week beginning: 30th July, 2017 | By Tim Laurence | Cambridge

"For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."

Luke 14:11 (ESV)

The legal profession is hierarchical and there is a certain comfort in it: we all know where we stand. There are the places of honour - there are those more distinguished and less distinguished than us. The ranks are also reflected at our social occasions: you only need to think about the last drinks event you attended.

Jesus urges us against self-selecting the seats of honour. Is he concerned to protect us from the public humiliation of being moved aside for someone more distinguished? Yes; but there's also more.

This is a call to discipleship both at work and outside work. By choosing to be disciples of Jesus we are choosing a very lowly identity in the eyes of a prestige-oriented profession. And it calls us to associate with the humble, including in our offices: to love and serve the support staff too. But the encouragement is clear: one day Jesus' disciples will be visibly promoted and given honour when Jesus returns. With that future hope, how can we show ourselves his disciples by loving and serving the 'lower' ranks in our workplace today?

Prayer points:

1.  Ask God to show you those you have overlooked and for opportunities to love and serve them this week.

2.  Pray for Ian and Merle Halliday. They were due to return this weekend following 6 months interning in Nairobi, but health issues have meant this being postponed. Please pray for swift recovery whilst giving thanks for their work in Kenya and pray for a smooth transition back into UK life.