Seeking contentment in work

Week beginning: 28th January, 2018 | By James Brightwell | London

"…You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. You do not have, because you do not ask."

James 4:2-3 (ESV)

For all the blessings a career in the law can bring, including financial blessings, it is often easy to survey our contemporaries and to see their lot as better. Whether we perceive others to be earning more, to have a more glamorous practice, or to have a less difficult working life, it can feel that if we were in someone else's position, a feeling of discontentment may disappear.

As with a desire for money (Ecclesiastes 5:10), envy can never lead to contentment and fulfilment. Where we seek out what we need, not from the living God, but by coveting what others have, we will always find ourselves desiring something 'better' than that which God has provided. The attempt to satisfy these desires will lead to us behaving as we should not (James 3:16).

When we find ourselves dissatisfied in some way with our work, which to some extent will for many of us not be an infrequent experience, the biblical advice is to ask. This means to seek from God what we need, in order that we may serve Him better. When we feel discontented, the best advice is to humble ourselves before the Lord (James 4:10).

Prayer Points:

1.  Pray that in 2018 we see a priority to make our work pleasing to God and that we may find contentment in doing so.

2.  Praise God that it is Jesus – and not our peers – who is the standard of glory. May we grow in humility and recognise that He alone fully satisfies us.