Let Justice Roll

Week beginning: 11th February, 2018 | By Matthew Price | Great Yarmouth

"But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!"

Amos 5:24 (NIV)

The Israel of Amos' time was prosperous and successful. Under the King of the time, Jeroboam II, Israel was a stable and politically strong country, even expanding its territory to the same boundaries as during it's hey day under King Solomon. The temples built at the sites of some of the most significant places in Israel's history were packed out with worshippers. Everything was going wonderfully.

But it is into these seemingly great times that Amos speaks a word of judgment. And the charge that Amos laid against the people was at its heart their failure to do justice. The poor were trampled, the needy oppressed and justice was only available to those who were able to pay the bribes demanded of them.

The message of Amos is that God cares about justice and he longs for his people to be people of justice. Indeed seeking justice is, for Amos, a mark of authentic Christian discipleship. As Christian lawyers we are ideally placed to be expressing God's concern for justice – whatever area of law we spend our days practising. Whether it is ensuring contracts are certain for both parties or making sure court proceedings are conducted in a fair way – and everything else that we might be involved in – let's re-commit to be seeking justice in all we do this week!

Matthew Price will be preaching through Amos on the LCF Student and Young Lawyer Conference this weekend.

Prayer Points:

1.  Pray that those attending the conference would understand the relevance of Amos to their lives and will be encouraged that they can serve God in the law.

2.  Pray that all our students and young lawyers would become authentic Christian disciples, seeking justice in whatever area of law they are practising in.