Should your practice increase or decrease?

Week beginning: 24th June, 2018 | By Adam McRae-Taylor | London

He must increase, but I must decrease.

John 3:30 (ESV)

Lawyers are not usually known for being modest. The gift of advocacy on behalf of others frequently overlaps with the gift of advocacy on behalf of ourselves!

Even if we are more naturally the shy and retiring type, our firms and chambers constantly push us to achieve recognition in legal directories such as Chambers & Partners and Legal 500. The pressure to increase our "personal brand" is continuous.

John the Baptist, however, chose a different approach. He was a hugely successful preacher with a large and committed following. Yet when he met Jesus he chose to step out of the limelight and point his followers to someone far greater. Like the friend of the bridegroom at a wedding
(3:29) he knew that his role was to step back and delight in the one who should be centre stage: Jesus.

So as another week begins, let's pause and consider this question: how might we "decrease" in our practice or study of law, so that Jesus might "increase"?

Prayer Points:

1. Pray that we might humbly and joyfully make Jesus and his glory the focus of our legal study and practice.

2. Pray for the LCF Justice Mission Team as they serve in Uganda this week, that they would keep Jesus centre stage in all they do.