Knowledge and good judgment come from God and his Word

Week beginning: 16th June, 2019 | By Mark Cawson | Manchester

Do good to your servant according to your word, LORD.
Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.

Psalm 119:65-66 (NIV)

These two verses from the longest of the Psalms highlight that our knowledge and our ability to exercise sound judgment ultimately come from God; from obeying his commands, and more importantly trusting in his commands and his Word. This is of particular practical significance to us as lawyers given that knowledge and the exercise of sound judgment are central to virtually all that we are called upon to do, whether we are acting for clients or serving in a judicial capacity.

As we immerse ourselves in daily life, and seek to tackle difficult problems at work, it is all too easy to overlook the true source of our knowledge and judgment, and believe that we can get by trusting in our own abilities and human insight, forgetting that we serve under a sovereign Lord. However, this passage makes the clear link between a belief in God's commands and God's Word, and knowledge and the exercise of good judgment. It therefore how important it is for us, as we go about our practices or otherwise seek to deploy our skills in a way that furthers the interests of justice in a way pleasing to God, to embrace and place our trust in God's Word, and to have real belief and confidence in his commands.


1. We pray that, as we conduct our practices or otherwise seek to further the interests of justice in our work, you will deepen our knowledge of yourself and your Word, and teach us knowledge and good judgment.
2. Keep us strong in our faith and help us to obey your commands, so that we might be blessed with knowledge, and exercise sound judgment in the decisions that we are required to make each day.