For whose name's sake?

Week beginning: 25th August, 2019 | By Niazi Fetto | London/France

...He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name´s sake.

Psalm 23:3 (NKJV)

I was recently listening to Psalm 23 in the course of my regular bible reading/listening, and I was tempted to switch off. After all, I knew it by heart! Then I heard verse 3 and I properly heard something for the very first time: '…for His name's sake.'

Why for His name's sake?

John Piper answers it this way:

'God is the beginning and God is the end of all my righteousness. The path of righteousness has His grace as its starting point (for He leads me into it) and it has His glory as its destination (because His leading is for His name's sake).'*

We Christian lawyers are well-positioned to do much good. But we can easily fall into doing good in such a way that God becomes virtually irrelevant to it all.

Either our earthly good deeds are God-led and God-centred, or we are simply humanists wearing a different label. God is looking to display His glory through us. Will we love Him and live for Him so as to make that a reality in our lives?

*John Piper, 'The Shepherd, the Host, and the Highway Patrol' (1980), accessible at:

Prayer Points:

1. That God would lead us by His Spirit in the paths of His righteousness.
2. That God would be the head, and His glory the end, of all that we do.