Giving an account - The Assisted Suicide Bill

Mark Jones

Posted: 21 July 2015

"And from each human being, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of another human being. Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind"

Genesis 9:5b-6 (NIVUK)

I spend much time self-importantly expecting clients and others to give account on matters far more trivial than the life of another human being. Those whom we elect to make the laws that we advise on are accountable to us. It was as I was recently talking to one of those elected members that I was challenged about how personally accountable I was willing to be to in order to influence the upcoming assisted suicide bill.

This is an emotive, difficult subject: How far would I go to carry out the wishes of those I love, or to relieve their suffering? Should I condemn those who draw the line elsewhere? How do I best show compassion to those who feel life has no value?

God's word to a fallen world is clear and uncompromising. He has compassion, He is love, and He demands an accounting for the lives of others.

So how far would I go to protect the vulnerable? How far would I go to let the stranger know that their life is more precious than they might ever have believed - that they are made in the image of God who gave His son so that they would not perish but have eternal life?

I will pray about the bill, but I will not let this excuse me from taking further action. Knowing my MP accounts to me and, that a letter to him could help spare human blood being shed, how will I give an account to the one in whose image I am made if I do nothing?

Action Point:

Click here to find out more about the Marris Bill 

Consider whether your MP needs to hear from you how you want them to vote and why on 11th September?
Can you use your position and skills as a Christian lawyer to inform those in your church and equip them to do the same?

Prayer Points:

1. Ask God to reveal to those who will be voting the importance of protecting life.

2. Ask the Lord to help you understand who needs to hear from you today how their life was considered worthy of redemption by Christ. Why not show them crosscheck -

Mark Jones is a Solicitor, Trustee of a charity supporting vulnerable adults and a Director of Beaconlight, which produces crosscheck.

Click here to view the LCF resource paper on the Assisted Suicide Bill.