We partner with UCCF to equip law undergraduates across the UK.

Law Network

The UCCF Law Network exists to equip all students hoping to enter the field of law when they graduate.

As leaders who will profoundly impact society, our aim is to demonstrate the connection between the gospel and your studies, and train you to be a Christ-centred leader in your sphere of influence.

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Word Alive

We will be at Word Alive 2020 with the UCCF Law Network, and would love to see you there!

There will be daily seminars for the Law and Politics networks, led by two LCF members. You can join for the whole series, or just pop in for one!

1. Cross-cultural living: Being obedient children of God in the worlds of politics and law (I Peter 1) (Sunday 5 April )

How do we stay obedient to Christ whilst engaging with law and politics in the public square? In this session, we will unpack Peter's teaching from his first letter to Christians who were in just this situation, and explore what it means for us today. We will then host a panel discussion of Christians who have worked in politics and the law for some time, sharing their thoughts and experiences - and ready to answer your questions!

2. Cross-road directions: Living godly lives in a secular political and legal system (I Peter 2) (Monday 6 April)

What does a godly life look like in politics and in the law? This interactive session will look at what Peter has to say about Christians being a people chosen by God to live holy lives - and how his teaching applies to believers studying or working in politics and the law. We will think about what holiness means in that context, how we should approach government, and what our attitude to our work should be.

3. Cross-current proclamation: Being prepared to explain in the public square the hope that we have as Christian lawyers and politicians (I Peter 3) (Tuesday 7 April)

How do we express our Christian beliefs in the public square? What should we say about our faith to secular fellow students or colleagues in politics and the law? With teaching and group discussion, we will unpack together what Peter had to say to early Christians wrestling with these issues, how the cross should shape our approach to them, and how we can apply Peter's teaching in our current legal and political context.

4. Cross-shaped witness: Navigating conflicting worldviews on hot topics in law and politics (I Peter 4) (Wednesday 8 April)

In our final session, we will draw together what we have learned with practical application to dealing as faithful Christians with current hot topics in law and politics. We will study Peter's teaching on being faithful to Christ when we find the secular world to be hostile, and how the cross provides a paradigm for faithful witness to Christ as we engage with difficult issues. We will be equipped with tools to engage with sensitive issues well, and encouraged to keep doing so - faithfully and to God's glory!