Legal Advocacy

From time to time we have members who ask if there is anything that they can specifically do, in using their legal skills, to advocate for religious freedom and in particular help those who are suffering or being persecuted because of their faith in Christ.

We believe that there are, and in conjunction with Open Doors we have set up a register of interest for those who wish to know more about those possibilities.


This is a great opportunity to help advocate on the presenting issues using your professional skills to take action on behalf of the persecuted church. As lawyers you can make others aware, especially those with influence to bring about change, of the underlying issues and highlighting cases where the law is being flouted or needs to be changed.


Gathering information, and then collating this into well rounded, thought through and easily accessible material is crucial. Using your skills, and by giving the time and enemy needed to do this work, you can help to advance the understanding needed to tackle the problems faced, and is something that you as a trained lawyer or lawyer in training are equipped to do.


Whilst not available to all, having a list of those who are willing to go and use their experience in those places where abuses are taking place could make the difference in seeking change actually take place.

If any or all of these options are of interest to you can you please contact us – giving us your background details, the area of law you work in (or where you are studying), the countries or areas in the world that interest you and what you would like to get involved in. You can do this by contacting